Cold Counsel & The Elementalists

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“In Cold Counsel, Chris Sharp puts a new spin on ancient myths to craft a tale of destiny and revenge that is at once beautifully gory, eloquently profane, and delightfully merciless.” ―David Mack, New York Times bestselling author of 24: Rogue

“This is an old school, classic adventure for all those young at heart and willing to join the heat of battle. Sharp by name and by craft: he’s not just an excellent actor, but also an excellent writer.”―Jeremy Szal, Starship Sofa

“Don’t let the description fool you; this is not another grimdark romp, but a deep character study, with a lot to say about the lore and genre it is steeped in.” ―Martin Cahill, B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog


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“Debut author Sharp masterfully blends fantasy, teen drama, and a strong message of environmentalism into a white-hot narrative…Sharp also paints his fantasy elements…in tantalizing brush strokes… Sharp’s high school drama is just as searing as his fantasy action.”

“A cautionary modern tale about climate change and pollution. The realistic, adolescent dramas buffeting [the] clever protagonist…are just as well-crafted as the passages on Chinese mythology and five-clawed, flying beasts.
—SLATE “27 Overlooked Books of 2014″

“a fast-paced, vividly realized, memorable race to the finish.”
Rowan Maness, author of Valentine Bell

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