Cold Counsel


Sharp_ColdCounselEver hear the story about how the King of Nightmares came to be? It was long ago in a dreaming land where the myths of ancient times still held sway—elves, goblins, faeries and the dwindling shadows of the old gods. He was born on the mountaintop at the heart of a killing storm. He was what some traditions referred to as a troll, though he was to become the last of his breed, and would change over time into something else.
His is a tale of genocide, pain, and revenge; how he cobbled together the most ruthless band of villains and murderers that the world had ever known to exact a brutal toll on all those who had wronged him, and plenty more who had not. It’s not a story for the tepid or timid. There are no good guys or easy heroes. But there’s a bad wind blowing in, and this story’s coming with it whether you’re ready or not.
For readers who like their dark fantasy pitch-black, COLD COUNSEL is a fast-paced and ferocious romp about the birth of a fairytale with no sugar on top. Designed to be the first book in an ongoing series, like Richard Stark’s hard-boiled Parker Novels if all the characters were monsters.
I hope you’ll have as much fun reading as I do writing it.

Praise and Reviews

“In Cold Counsel, Chris Sharp puts a new spin on ancient myths to craft a tale of destiny and revenge that is at once beautifully gory, eloquently profane, and delightfully merciless.” ―David Mack, New York Times bestselling author of 24: Rogue

“This is an old school, classic adventure for all those young at heart and willing to join the heat of battle. Sharp by name and by craft: he’s not just an excellent actor, but also an excellent writer.”―Jeremy Szal, Starship Sofa

“Don’t let the description fool you; this is not another grimdark romp, but a deep character study, with a lot to say about the lore and genre it is steeped in.” –Martin, B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

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